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CBS 60 Minutes – How Mindfulness Changed Anderson Cooper’s Life

Anderson Cooper and the folks at CBS just put out a 60 Minutes episode on how mindfulness is appealing to more and more people from diverse areas of life.

This really shows how mainstream mindfulness has become.

I overhear and participate n many conversations where business people feel overwhelmed by the sheer number and diversity of tasks they have to do each day. This is as common with entrepreneurs and business owners as it is with employees. This is particularly noticeable in the service industries. 

I wanted to share this video with you. It's under 15 minutes and it really underscores a new mood within society (from congressmen, journalists, educators and scientists) that something new is needed to address the pace and variety of social changes we are faced with.

It was encouraging to hear Congressman Tim Ryan talk about his efforts to bring mindfulness to school children. He has been perhaps less successful with engaging others on Capitol Hill with his passion !

Bringing mindfulness to more people has always been our main purpose here at Sage.

When someone like Anderson Cooper says the practice of mindfulness has changed his life, then that I hope will encourage others to give it a try.